the social project on the

island of Santo Antao

Therefore our support is not just a symbolic gesture, but the answer to an emergency that cannot leave us indifferent. Our association is composed by a handful of incurable optimists, still believing in a world of integrity and charity. Our initiative to building a children`s home has been supported by private donations from Switzerland, Italy and Portugal. We are firmly convinced, that this project is supposed to become an example and essential for the island of Santo Antao and its children in need.

We are a registered non-profit organisation based in Porto Novo on the island of Santo Antao / Cape Verde Islands. The scope of our initiative is to finding a satisfactory solution to the growing problems of orphans and homeless children, which is becoming more serious in the town of Porto Novo with its approximately 7000 inhabitants. It is our concern to offering to those little citizens new perspectives for a better future and a life in dignity. Since municipal and ecclesiastical institutions need to be supported, we are offering our help and our commitment for a social emergency which unfortunately regards the weakest of our society – our children.