we are helping the most vulnerable of the society


In order to avoid inequalities among the children our formula of sponsorship provides that your donations will be devoted to the acquisition of special personal items like satchels, teaching material, clothing, books, toys and whatever can make a child`s heart happy. The distribution of the items acquired with your support is taking place twice a year during a special celebration, where all donators will be introduced by their name and their origin. Every donator will receive a photographic service about this magic moment, when children receive donations by their ideal godfather and godmother, who are physically so far away and yet so close in their thoughts.

We kindly invite you to improve life conditions of orphans and street kids in Porto Novo by sponsoring our children’s home. Sponsorship is utmost uncomplicated and does not require any permanent financial commitment. We only ask you to release to us a written confirmation that you will join the program for at least one year. After this period it is up to you to reconfirm or revoke your support.