Your donation for a

good cause

Therefore we kindly ask you to give us a hand supporting this social project, that was born as an idea many years ago. Despite all difficulties, which we had to face over the years, we have not given up. Now it’s the moment to fill in this home with the smiling of our assisted children, who have not yet known the pleasure of a cheerful and carefree life. Become a part of our project and a promotor of Children`s home in Porto Novo, listening to the voice of a child in need, who call for your help. Please address your donation directly to our association in Porto Novo.

In order to providing continuity to the care of our assisted children, we need your help and your precious support. Once we have taken over the responsibility for them, we must accompany this process for many years. This on-going commitment can be granted only with your donation and your empathy for the orphans and street kids of Porto Novo. We are firmly convinced that a social project on this scale can only be realized with an enormous human effort on one hand and the support of selfless donators on the other hand.