we give orphans and street

Kids a new home

Each bed room has its own private bath-room. The production of hot water is granted by a modern solar system. The Home disposes of several study and recreation rooms, an emergency room, a dining room and special sleeping and bath facilities for disable. Our children are following a very distinguished daily programme including educational and recreational activities, outdoor sports and leisure activities, with a creative and instructive background. Children`s home is conducted by 8 qualified assistants and is guarded and protected around the clock. Children entrusted to our care and aged 4-10 years, are regularly attending public Kindergarten and elementary school. 

Early in 2008 we had incorporated and registered by notary deed an association named “Children`s voice of Porto Novo”.

In 2009 the municipality of Porto Novo assigned to the association free of charge a land plot of 2200 sqm located in the hilly surroundings of the town.

In 2014 construction works were started. Children`s home may host up to maximum 24 children. The entire operating costs to keep the structure running relies on voluntary donations.