we like to make the

world a little bit fairer

The project was mainly sponsored by a Swiss foundation, which became aware of our initiative during their holiday on Santo Antao and decided to support the financing of the construction in an utmost selfless way. Beside this essential financial support, the project has been assisted by several in-kind donations from Italian and Portuguese companies. Part of the furniture has been donated by a German Tour Operator. In order to making the project successful, an important contribution was made by local people, who offered their manpower voluntarily, without any compensation.

The goal of our initiative was to building a home for children in need, who are obliged to growing up without the care and warmth of a parents’ house. We aim to give them our support and our protection within an environment, which is suitable to their growth and education and which will open new chances and opportunities to them. The project has been planned and built according to modern standards and facilities in order to meet the very special needs of their residents.