Santo Antao

where „children`s voice“

requires your attention

The extremely explosive social situation mainly hits young people and causes dramatic human conflicts within the community and families, since children and their elementary rights are frequently negatively affected by this abnormality. Hard life conditions and a steady battle to survive have driven in the past thousands of citizens into emigration. They were obliged to leaving behind their aging relatives and their children. The remaining population is living an emotional up and down between painful farewells and happy welcome back.

Santo Antao is the second island by extension of the Cape Verdean archipelago. Due to its majestic mountains, rainfalls are frequent during the winter season. Therefore the landscape, mainly in the north of the island, is characterized by agriculture cultivation, which represents the main line of business of the population. Beside this natural resource, the island lives a dramatic unemployment situation. The still modest tourism activities and the difficulties for visitors to easily reaching the island are not favourable for a systematic development of local economy.