we are just a handful of

incorrigible optimists

In this context our particular attention and concern has been focussed on the street kids and orphans of Porto Novo, whose destiny has particularly touched our compassion. Unfortunately, the Cape Verde Islands, being a small African country, are not sufficiently considered by the great charity organisations focussed on other countries of the African continent. Therefore, the support of private donations becomes material. This project has been set up with huge efforts by people of good will for our little citizens who have experienced great inconveniences at an early age of their life.

For more than 25 years our members have participated to building up hotel and tourism infrastructure on this tiny group of islands far out on the Atlantic Ocean, knowing and appreciating the local population, their characters and their way of life. This project gives us the opportunity to give back just a small part of those friendliness and warmth we have received for more than two decades and during the entire period of our stay.